NOW AND NOT LATER – Embrace the Moment

Feature film

Based on a true story


Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka - producer, director, actress

Sankó Pegasus Envoyé - producer, director, actor


Gattyán György – co-producer

Vékony Zoli – co-director, cameraman, composer

Varga Tamás – sound engineer

Riz Olivér – composer


Cast: Csuja Imre, Udvaros Dorottya, Fanny Mosolyka, Pegasus Envoyé, Cserna Antal,

Szalai Kriszta, Nyertes Zsuzsa, Kiss Tibi, Szabó Győző, Kálloy Molnár Péter, Faragó András,

Hais Dorka, Hais Fruzsi, Oszvald Marika, Borbiczki Ferenc




Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka, her husband Sankó Pegasus Envoyé and Zoli Vékony have just recently finished their first film together: Now and Not Later – Embrace the Moment. Post-production work has been started, fans cannot wait to watch the film.


The creators want to show through their own life story that no matter how big challenges you have, there is always another path, a more beautiful future, there are goals worth to fight for every day, because after fighting miracles happen. Miracles, that many only dream about, meanwhile the present moment is slipping by where miracles could happen.


Don’t hesitate reaching your goals: you have to act NOW and not later!


Based on the autobiographical film ’Now and Not Later – Embrace the Moment ’ nowadays when some people live in the valley of disbelievers, there is a strong woman - as a living example of will and perseverance -, who together with her partner motivates people around them and each other. The story of Fanny and Sanko is based on tolerance, love and cooperation – but first and foremost the importance of taking action.


The film ’Now and Not Later – Embrace the Moment’ is searching for the answer how you can get up after the most hopeless situations again and again. Where is the power of Fanny coming from? What can we do NOW and not later for ourselves and for others?


According to the film’s synopsis Fanny as a child was predicted by physicians to live only until the age of 18. Now she is over 30 and she intentionally does not use the diagnosis anymore that doctors put on her as a stamp. This is how she can develop. She is a bestselling writer and is happily married. Her smile is well-known by her whole country, many love her unique style. The main topic of her public speeches and her life is the freedom, choice and responsibility of the individual. She believes we all decide for ourselves what we make of our lives.


Her husband, Sanko is an introvert writer who likes silence, but he is also a rebel, he is the most important motivator and inspirer of his partner, he does everything as well to develop and liberate himself. 


The two seemingly separate worlds complement and inspire each other.


The man – no matter how much he loved the girl – sometimes got tired so Fanny felt she was a burden for him from time to time. Despite their optimistic personalities their relationship sometimes bottomed out. They felt they cannot do it anymore. 

The question is how they succeed in what they teach? Can they stand up together?


Fanny and Sanko faces challenges with a lot of humour, no matter if it’s about an everyday issue, a serious attack or a marital quarrel. Despite of the seeming barriers – Fanny still uses a wheelchair – they experience amazing times together. They don’t know the word impossible. The goal of this extraordinary couple is to prove that the medical diagnosis can sometimes be an opportunity for us to recognise a greater truth, to see the real reality. The dreamers of the film are able to develop and make their wildest dreams come true using their willpower and perseverance. The focus is on the possibilities instead of the present state. Their story is heartbreaking and amusing at the same time. They have already learnt how valuable the NOW is, that instead of just surviving it is only worth really being alive.

The original song of the film ’Now and Not Later – Embrace the Moment’ is called ‘Now and Not Later’, it is performed by Auguszt Bárió (his other Hungarian songs: ‘Unique Couple’, ‘Summer Rain’ and ‘America in my Dreams’) as a member of the band Mindenki1 (All are one). Lyrics were written by Sankó Pegasus Envoyé. The song is instrumented by Zoli Vekony who previously instrumented among others the song ’Everbody is dancing’ performed by Majka. The end theme music is performed by Tibor Kiss (Quimby) with the formation Aranyakkord.




FANNY MOSOLYKA: „The work of my whole life is in this film. After my book I would like to show in a film as well that it is worth setting goals and starting to realize them – no matter where you start from. This film is a continuation to my book that shows not only the easy and smiling part of our ways, but – like I always do - reality itself.”


SANKÓ: "This film is just a tool to deliver our message. We can live, embrace, love NOW and not later. This is not just a love story but a story how we can make our wildest dreams come true with persistence.”


CSUJA IMRE: "When we first met there came rolling towards me a wonderful personality, a real smile album. I proudly stand next to a woman like Fanny Mosolyka, these things are worth living for.”


UDVAROS DOROTTYA: "I could only say yes to this invitation. When I first saw Fanny and Sandor they enchanted me. I felt yes, I want to support this case with everything I can do.”


SZABÓ GYŐZŐ: "I support everything that has a true value, that is important to be communicated. They didn’t even have to list all the other actors’ names, I said yes anyway.”


KISS TIBI - QUIMBY, ARANYAKKORD: "It matters what we support, what we let live and what we destroy. Now is the playground of God. It is here for us to be used for good.”


KÁLLOY-MOLNÁR PÉTER: "We have to make Hungarian films and not just talking about them or abandoning them, but together dreaming and creating them.”


FARAGÓ ANDRÁS: "The good thing in the film that it is both funny and moving. We laugh but sometimes we also cry while watching it.”


SIDI - TANKCSAPDA: "I really like this creative community here, so many people breathing together.”


Werkphotos with high resolution can be downloaded here: 


Credit (Name of the photographer in the name of the file): Gyurkovits Tamás, Jusztus Anita, Enikő fotó

Writers of the song ‘Now and not Later’:

Music, vocal: Auguszt Bárió

Lyrics: Sankó - Pegasus Envoyé

Instrumentation: Vékony Zoli

Guitar: Dajka Krisztián

Mixing: Varga Tamás

Mastering: Gresicki Tamás


Writers of the song ‘Dance and Sing’: 

Kiss Tibi, Vastag Gábor, Gábor Andor “UFO”




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