Am I really going to meet J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter?


I am in a little hotel room with Sanko in London.  The carpet is blue, there is a big bed but the bathroom door is tiny I can’t get in with my wheelchair. Most of the hotel rooms are small here in England, apart from the suites which are over our budget.  We have just arrived back from Lumos, a not for profit organisation founded by J.K. Rowling, where we had literally just popped in without an appointment.  Although not expected, we were very determined and expressed great purpose.  We told them the story of my life. At the end of the meeting it came up that I could be an ambassador for Lumos and they asked whether I had met J.K. Rowling before?


Do you know? The author’s full name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling.  The abbreviation J.K. was purposely put on the cover, because according to the publishing company, boys would not read books written by a woman. 


-I answered ‘No I had not met her’ before, and to my delight the nice lady from Lumos said ‘Then you will!’

1st step to your dream:

You need to picture your goal in detail and you need to do whatever you can to achieve it. Write down at least 50 things which you think will help you to achieve this goal. Don’t think about how bold the idea is, if your intention is pure, you don’t need to do anything else other than start working on your list NOW instead of later.  There might be a point in your list which you think is pointless, but don’t forget a bucket would fill up with water in time even if the water is only dripping from the ceiling. 

Each and every step would bring you closer to your goal, even if you can’t see this at the moment.  This is why we flew to London from Budapest on Wednesday.  Our main reason for going was to meet Kyle Eastwood again, who is a jazz musician and the amazing Clint Eastwood’s son. He had a concert in London, in Ronnie Scott’s, which according to Kyle is the best jazz club in the world. Bold or not, but about 6 months ago we went to the same place without invitation to see Kyle after his concert to ask him to write a song for the soundtrack of the film we were going to produce called “Now, Not Later”.


At that point, he seemed to be very open to the idea, all he asked was to show him the film. So this time we took some scenes with us, translated and dubbed to English. Kyle and his wife remembered us and gave us big hugs with smiles on their faces. During the concert there was one particular song, which we all thought ’This is it!’ and Sanko and I both thought about the same scene, where we would like to put this particular piece of music. As we realised how busy his schedule is with the tour we thought we would just ask him if we could use that song for the movie as it really mesmerised us. Obviously it would have been difficult to draw up a contract there and then, but we were happy to leave with Kyle’s private e-mail address an answer of “possibly” from him.

2nd step to your dream:

See, don’t just look! On the journey to reach your dream you will bump into possibilities you need to grab onto. You will realise that successful people are open minded and dare to dream high. Your journey should be full of excitement, novelty and experience. 

Now that we were in London to meet Kyle, we started to look for opportunities in this city. For a while I have been dreaming about publishing my best seller book “The decision is yours”. We had the first two chapters translated to English but after having it double checked and printed out I changed the title to English and had the logo of Hay House printed on the cover too.  My dream is that Hay House (the publishing company of Louise Hay, American writer and motivational speaker) publishes my book. Then I stuck a post-it onto the cover:


“You can achieve anything you can dream of. Do you agree with me Hay House?”

So again, without pre booked appointment we got into a cab (most cabs have ramps to help me to get into them) and went to Hay House to hand them the script. Unfortunately the whole management team were at a meeting but a lovely assistant took it and promised us that she would hand it over to the relevant person. She also gave us her email address to keep in touch.  As we are not sugar -coated we only used the cabs for longer distances otherwise we walked. In Hyde Park we got caught in the rain, which being in England is not really surprising. 

3rd step to your dreams:

Gather enthusiastic people around you with a ‘can do’ attitude. It’s very important that on your journey you have supportive people around you, who will encourage you. Talk to people who have already reached a similar goal. Read and collect as much information as you can because these days the biggest treasure is information. 

Do you know? The porter, cleaner or security guard might know a lot so it’s worth talking to them too. 

Unfortunately I have to admit that we don’t speak English professionally enough to be able to manage it all ourselves, so we took another very enthusiastic person in addition to Erzsike who cooks the best soups and makes lovely sandwiches beside helping us getting ready for our little adventures.  We also popped in to see another publishing company, called Penguin Books, but they were not willing to talk to us as they only deal with agents. 

4th step to your dreams:

Dare to be different than others. Have something which makes people remember of you. It could be something simple, like a unique colour, accessory, different approach or a lovely remark. Dare to be outstanding instead of mimicking someone else. Amongst black crows the white one is unique. Make compliments, this brings you closer to people. 

We chatted to a nice lady, Jessica, at Lumos, who was wearing a big turquoise ring. I said to her how much I loved it, she told me it was part of a set, and the earring of the set looks very similar to the ones I normally wear. She recalled some photos on which I was wearing long colourful earrings. During this meeting the CEO of the charity popped in and said we were in the best possible hands. This charity has a presence in many big cities around the world and their aim is that by 2050 no disadvantaged and/or disabled child has to live in state care, but is placed in loving foster families.


I immediately felt strongly about this cause and thought that I could help these children to experience love through my own experiences and thoughts. So the reason I knocked on Lumos’s door was to establish co-operation because we can aim higher if we unite. While I was working for the Family Care Centre in the 18th district I met lots of disadvantaged children, many of whom I would have been quite happy to take home.  However at that point the only thing I could give them was my love and attention, for which many of them still gratefully remember with a warm heart.  It will be a great pleasure if in co-operation with J.K.Rowling’s Lumos, my thoughts can reach more souls. 


+1 step:

Go so far where you find your “YES” after the NO’s. There is only one piece of advice on how to succeed: Go Go Go! until you reach your goal.


And now I am back in my cosy bed in Hungary. At the moment I have no idea how my story will continue, whether I will ever meet J. K Rowling or whether Hay House is going to publish my book, but one thing is certain, I am going to go as far as I need to for my dream to come true!  I keep my eyes open for opportunities, talk about my dreams and I do whatever I can to reach my goals NOW and not later.

P.S. On the way home from London in one of our favourite restaurants, Pret A Manger (where they serve vegan food too)  we got talking to a man who is apparently a film director and he has connections in the media. He really liked my life story and he told us that we could keep in touch and he will look into what he can help us with in the future. 

Do you know? 

J.K Rowling’s first manuscript of Harry Potter was rejected by many publishing companies, but with perseverance she became one of the best known authors in the world. Her wealth is greater than the Royal Family’s nowadays! 



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