Fanny took hold of a fantastic husband, Sándor and an award for Equal Opportunities. She wrote her second book, titled Lélekkód (Code of the soul). Her followers on Facebook are more than 105 thousands.


At the age of 25, her book titled “You decide” was published by Libri, from which more than 14000 copies were sold and soon it became bestseller and won Gold Book Award in the educational category. One of her most read Facebook post, titled “I undertake it” was read by more than half million people in which she honestly wrote about one of her most difficult situation and that how she conjured a smile from this to herself and to others, too.


However she is the proudest of that dyslexic girl who has read the book “You decide” for the first time in her life; to a kindergartner, to whom she gave back her faith, she is proud of the high school students and the managing directors whom she made think. Recently, she was informed about a teacher who was telling about her in ethics class. Among others, we could meet Mosolyka at the front page of Forbes magazine and in numerous media publications. Her blog has won the Golden Blog Award and she received the Scholarship for National Young Talents. She is the Goodwill Ambassador of Szerencsejáték Ltd. since 2017.


She loves living very much, she gets sometimes down but she gets up always from there, in figurative sense as well. Her aim is to dance on the table once and to walk with her companion, Sándor, hand in hand on her feet. She does a lot for her development, she gives motivational lectures by representing the Smile NOW Foundation, and she draws attention to the value of the moment and inspires others to do for themselves and for others NOW and not later.


She loves the stracciatella ice cream very much and her freckles, but with raisin she can be chased out of the world. She left dairy products 2 years ago, so she neglects the stracciatella ice cream consciously, but instead of it she bakes excellent gluten free and sugar free muffins. 


Some years ago she liked the rush and vibrant life, today she prefers the calm and silence. Instead of Budapest, Balaton is one of her loves and she lives here with her husband, Sándor.


She has some smaller tattoos, altogether 4. Her favourite colour is coral and turquoise. She likes sleeping on her right side. She has a cute dog, Falatka (Little Morsel) and a bucket list that she always renews.

She prefers writing to paper with pen but she typed her books on a laptop because of their extent. She loves smelling the books, life and the extatic experience of realization of dreams.


Her recent aim is that Hay House founded by Louise Hay publishes her books.

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