Pegasus Envoyé – envoy by Pegasus – a Messenger. A herald of heaven. A messenger arriving with the termination’ report. He is a messenger of the second last moment for a change to happen, where transformation is necessary. He helps the people to overcome the endings, showing the direction of the development. He helps the development and the transformation. It’s an altruistic service. During his life he forwards messages continuously, he gets the messages to people by letting flow the information, which are necessary to their progress, whilst he remains invisible and unrecognizable sometimes. Not him, but the message is important! He connects the companions, he forwards, sends people by the message to those places, where teachings are waiting for them and they can collect new experience. Let this be a book, a relationship, or the warmth of the home what they desired. He is able to connect people, groups and belief systems with each other. Widespread interest lives within him. He likes to know people, cultures and spiritual journeys passionately.  He feels special attraction towards the sea. There, he makes himself at home the most. During his life he can’t expect gratitude, he can’t hope for appreciation, he can’t decide whether he forwards the message or not. He gets the appreciation from elsewhere. 


He is the husband of Fanny Hozleiter (Mosolyka) and they are living together in Siófok. They are working now on a movie, titled NOW and not later – Embrace the moment which will be premiered on the 17th November 2018.


Envoyé Pegasus – namely Sándor – has become the master of the momentum, today he gives the biggest inspiration to Fanny (Mosolyka). They have been living together for 4 years close to the Balaton, in Siófok. They are married, they are partners and friends as well. Next to Fanny (Mosolyka) he didn’t only glance into a theoretical knowledge, but into the practical implementation, how to move forward from the lows in order to soar again and to realize dreams. He likes writing, his special work and his view about life and world will be published soon.  


Life is sometimes a bigger master trainer than university. There are cases, when instead of the school grades, it matters much more what our attitude is towards things, whether we see the opportunity or we let them overwhelm us. There is quite a difference, that we are part of the problem or we are part of the solution.


After graduation he moved to Budapest, he worked as a bartender at the Coca-Cola Beach House in Siófok during his school years, he also collected the cigarette butts from the sand of the beach every night after the bartender work, so that the sand became clean for people being at the beach. He also worked at a call center of a telecommunication company, in an internet cafe as a cashier but he wanted more than this.

He didn’t have an own suit, money, a job, a mobile phone or a laptop, but he launched his first company from his own power which dealt with the development and sale of HR recruitment software. As the manager of his company, his partners were the biggest companies in Europe, however he didn’t enjoy wearing a suit and negotiating with multinational corporations. He was longing for something else.


He asked himself how he could help the most our planet, and after that life brought him together with Fanny (Mosolyka).


He is the founder of Smile NOW Foundation, the aim of which is to do our best NOW and not later for others and for ourselves. The foundation organizes motivational performances and draws attention to the value of the moment.

As producer, his newest project is the preparation of the movie: NOW and not later – Embrace the MOMENT. This film draws attention to the value of the moment, to the essence of life attitude of NOW and not later.

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